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Madonna’s MSN Live Chat, Dec. 12, 2001, 12noon (EST)

DishDiva_MSN says: Denmark Dan Andersen says: Do you see yourself on stage in 10-20 years like Tina Turner and Cher? Or would you like yourself to be backstage helping or managing new artists instead?”

Madonna_Live says: If I’m not on stage, I don’t think I’d be managing other artists. I have total respect for both of those ladies, although I think I would get better wigs. Actually I wouldn’t wear a wig, I hate wigs. I wore a wig on my last tour and it drove me mad.

DishDiva_MSN says: Is life different as a blonde as opposed to a brunette?

Madonna_Live says: In reality, no, it’s just an illusion isn’t it?

DishDiva_MSN says: UK R.D. Has anything about living in London surprised you?

Madonna_Live says: Yeah, I can’t believe how people don’t like to work. (laughs) I’m building a house right now and the work week starts at noon on Monday and ends at noon on Friday. I’m a bit spoiled, I’m used to people in America working 7 days a week. It’s highly

Madonna_Live says: irritating. They leave work at 5 and there’s bank holidays every minute here. When you hire an employee here they remind you that they get four weeks paid vacation.

DishDiva_MSN says: UK Silvia Sarian: What are you planning to get your kids and husband for Christmas?

Madonna_Live says: I’m not telling, because what if my husband reads this. It’s top secret information.

DishDiva_MSN says: KF says: Is it hard to go shopping with paparazzi?

Madonna_Live says: Yes. All the shops here have glass fronts in them and you end up with people taking pictures of you and you end up not wanting to go shopping.

DishDiva_MSN says: Australia Chris Owen from Canberra says: What is your favourite song to sing in the shower?

Madonna_Live says: I don’t sing in the shower.

DishDiva_MSN says: Do you sing in the car?

Madonna_Live says: If I sing at all, outside of my professional world, it’s songs I sing to or with my kids, and that jumps back and forth from “Who Let the Dogs Out” to that Kylie Minogue song where you sing “La, La, La” over and over again.

DishDiva_MSN says: Do your kids think think mom is a cool artist?

Madonna_Live says: I dont’ know what my son thinks of me yet, he’s 15 months old. My daughter, I think she likes what I do and enjoys watching me perform and listening to my records. I don’t know whether she thinks it’s cool or not. She’s certainly not embarrassed.

DishDiva_MSN says: Have you ever thought of oding a children’s album?

Madonna_Live says: No.

DishDiva_MSN says: Belgium Dirk Verbeeck says: Every year you sing better live than 10 years ago. We could hear that on the Drowned World Tour. What do you do to keep your voice ok? Singing lessons?

Madonna_Live says: Yes, I do sessions with my vocal coach in New York before any tours or performances. I try to route my tours so I can have sessions with her throughout the whole tour. When I’m not on tour, I like to see her as well.

DishDiva_MSN says: You als looked great on the last tour. What do you do to stay so incredibly fit?

Madonna_Live says: I practice Ishtanga Yoga every day and also Kung Fu so I could do the ariel matial arts in the shows. I also do Pilates.

DishDiva_MSN says: Denmark Marianne says: I would like to know if you have other creative sides besides making music, and what you like to do when you don’t work?”

Madonna_Live says: I always seem to be working. I like to write. I started writing a script before I went on tour. Then I started making a film with my husband, then I started building a house, so after that is done, I will pick the script back up and finish it. I like to

Madonna_Live says: go clay pigeon shooting and read.