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Madonna’s MSN Live Chat, Dec. 12, 2001, 12noon (EST)

DishDiva_MSN says: Madonnalove says: Would you ever like to record in the Abbey Road Studios?

Madonna_Live says: I haven’t actually thought about it. I like the studio I work in in London already.

DishDiva_MSN says: Irma C. Zamot says: Madonna, so much has been written about you, are you or would you consider to write your autobiography?

Madonna_Live says: Yeah, but not for another 40 years.

DishDiva_MSN says: Yosh Tazaki says: When you perform “Music” on stage, how does it feel to see all the iconographic images of you from over the years on the video screens behind you?

Madonna_Live says: I don’t actually get to see them too much because I’m facing the audience. I have seen them once or twice but it makes me tired because it makes me realize all the work I’ve done. I’m very proud of it as well.

DishDiva_MSN says: Michigan says: Hi Madonna! I have been a big fan since I was 12. I’m now 30. I think your one of the hardest working people in the industry. And I was wondering, with kids and a husband, what’s your secret to keeping everything together?

Madonna_Live says: I can assure you I’m barely keeping everything together. I work long hours and sleep very little. I’m very regimented and organized and of course have lots of assitants.

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DishDiva_MSN says: Los Angeles Sergio Navarro says: Interesting that you should be doing an interview on the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe (coincidence?).

Madonna_Live says: There are no coincidences, but that is interesting.

DishDiva_MSN says: Howard Tripolsky says: Just wondering how it feels to know that millions and millions of people are constantly forming and expressing opinions about your life and how you live it? It seems to me like an unbearable weight.

Madonna_Live says: It does get on my nerves, that everyone wants to know everything I do, even the mundane things. It seems that people aren’t paying enough attention to their own lives.

DishDiva_MSN says: Norman Jackson says: I have always wondered what the man or woman in the musical intro and outro to the song Drowned World/Substitute For Love is actually saying. It sounds like “you see”. Do you care to clarify? And who is this mystery person?

Madonna_Live says: Yeah, it’s “you see” the person is Rob McKuen taken from a radio interview he did.

DishDiva_MSN says: Mimi says: A little Frenchy wanted to know which influences do you take to create your choreography?

Madonna_Live says: For my last show I was influenced by Kung Fu, tango, line dancing.

DishDiva_MSN says: SR says: My question is: Do you think that the journey that the Immaculate Conception covers is greater than GHV2?

Madonna_Live says: No, actually the opposite. Much greater journey later, I was paying attention more.

DishDiva_MSN says: Madonna, thank you for joining us today to talk with your fans from around the world. Continued success with “GHV2” and from all your fans and from all of us here on MSN, happiest of holidays.

Madonna_Live says: Thank you! I enjoyed it immensely, happy holidays!