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Madonna’s Everybody Music Video

The Video, Credits & Info

Premiere: October 1982
Director: Ed Steinberg
Producer: Ed Steinberg
Director of Photography: Ed Steinberg
Editor: John Zieman
Make Up: Debi Mazar
Stylist: Maripol
Choreography: Madonna, Christopher Ciccone
Cast: Madonna, Erika Belle, Michael Stewart and Bags Rilez
Production Company: RockAmerica
Filming Location: Paradise Garage Nightclub in New York
Budget: $1000

Photos from The Set

Madonna on the set of Everybody Video (1982) Madonna on the set of Everybody Video (1982) Madonna on the set of Everybody Video (1982)

Video Facts

Ed Steinberg (director) on making the video: “The video took just a day (to shoot). Madonna was on time as were two of her three dancers, Baggs and Erica. Since she had only two of her three dancers, she had to rebloc her choreography on the spot. While other dancer would have been vexed by this, Madonna just rebloced and got on with it. Debi M, now even more famous for her great acting in “Entourage”, was M’s makeup artist…”
“I believe we shot the song 30+ times, maybe more. Madonna and her two dancers (the third never showed) kept up the pace. They were amazingly tireles.” (via MTribe)

Erika Belle (dancer) on making the video: “I remember her (Madonna) saying to me “I should audition some dancers (for the video)” and then I said to her “I’ll dance for you!” and then she said “You can audition for me!”