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Dark Ballet

Song Lyrics

It’s a beautiful life, but I’m not concerned
It’s a beautiful dream, but a dream is earned
I can dress like a boy, I can dress like a girl
Keep your beautiful words, ’cause I’m not concerned

‘Cause your world is such a shame
‘Cause your world’s obsessed with fame
‘Cause your world’s in so much pain
‘Cause your world is…
‘Cause your world is up in flames

It’s a beautiful plan, but I’m not concerned (oh yeah)
It’s a beautiful game that I never learned
People tell me to shut my mouth (shut your mouth)
That I might get burned
Keep your beautiful lies, ’cause I’m not concerned

‘Cause your world is such a shame
‘Cause your world’s obsessed with fame
‘Cause your world’s in so much pain
‘Cause your world is…
‘Cause your world is…

I will not denounce the things that I have said
I will not renounce my faith in my sweet Lord
He has chosen me to fight against the English
I am not afraid at all to die ’cause I believe in Him
God is on my side and I’ll be his bride
I am not afraid ’cause I have faith in Him
You can cut my hair and throw me in a jail cell
Say that I’m a witch and burn me at the stake
It’s all a big mistake
Don’t you know to doubt Him is a sin
I won’t give in

They are so naive
They think we are not aware of their crimes
We know, but we are just not ready to act
The storm isn’t in the air, it’s inside of us
I want to tell you about love and loneliness
But it’s getting late now
Can’t you hear outside of your Supreme hoodie
The wind that’s beginning to howl

It’s a beautiful life

Song Credits

Performed by Madonna

Written by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzaï

Produced by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzaï

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Music Video

Video Credits

Premiere: June 07 2019

Cast: Mykki Blanco, Madonna

Director: Emmanuel Adjei

Creative Director: Imogen Snell

Executive Producers: Chris Toumazou & Melodie Saba

Producer: Tom Birmingham

Make Up: Isamaya French

Make Up Assistant: Porsche Poon

Styling for Madonna: Eyob Yohannes

Hair: Andy LeCompte

Production Designer: Paulina Rzeszowska

Costume: Bratsk

Choreographer: Megan Lawson

Assistant Choreographer: Nicolas Huchard

Editors: Danny Tull & Tom Watson

Post Production: Mathematic Studio, and John Pearce, The Base

Photography & Stills Riccardo Castano

VFX supervisor Yann Aldabe

Flame artist: Michael Bianchi

VFX producer Guillaume Marien

Post-producer or line producer: Julia Kerguelen

Service Company: Ready To Shoot

Service Producer: Margarida Adónis

1st Assistant Director: Dilia Brito

2nd Assistant Director: Vanessa Patricio

PM : Paulo Guedes

Talent & Production Coordinator: Sara Brito

Prod Secretary: Renata Amaro

Location Manager: Tiago Nogueira + Luis Santos + Joao Barata + Joao Correia

Local Stylist: Isabel Carmona

Local MUA & HD: António Carreteiro

Local Art Director: Sebas Serra

Props Buyer: Ruth Levy

Drivers: Hugo Peras, Paulo Duarte, Duarte Bettencourt, Pedro Silveira , Jaime Mendes , Carolina Gomes Teixeira

Filming Location: Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Cabo Espichel, Mosteiro da Batalha, Portugal