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Madonna in Theatre: Madonna’s Theatrical Plays

  • Madonna - Goose and Tomtom (1986)

    Goose and Tomtom

    Lincoln Center, New York City

    Directed by Ellen Beckerman

    Cast: Barry Miller, Sean Penn, Madonna, Harvey Keitel and Lorraine Bracco

  • Madonna - Speed The Plow (1988)

    Speed The Plow

    Royale Theatre, New York City

    Directed by Gregory Mosher

    Cast: Joe Mantegna, Ron Silver and Madonna

  • Madonna - Up For Grabs (2002)

    Up For Grabs

    Wyndhams Theatre, West End

    Directed by Laurence Boswell

    Cast: Madonna, Tom Irwin, Megan Dodds, Danny Pino, Sian Thomas, Michael Lerner, Debora Weston and Laurence Boswell