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Two More Madonna Vinyls to be reissued!

Madonna’s 2nd album, “Like A Virgin” will be reissued on a white vinyl (previously only available as a promo only release) on July 3rd.
Pre-order is available now at Amazon UK.
Who’s That Girl Soundtrack will be rereleased on a plain black vinyl on June 29th.
Pre-order available at Amazon UK, Amazon Italy and Amazon France (with a different release date: July 6th).

Madonna Like A Virgin White Vinyl
Madonna Like A Virgin White Vinyl
Madonna Who's That Girl Soundtrack

Deborah Feingold, Brian Aris on working with Madonna

When Deborah Feingold photographed her in Feingold’s studio flat in New York in 1982, it was clear that even aged 24 and yet to release her first album, the young singer was incredibly focused:

“She took the elevator to my seventh-floor flat and got straight on with it,” Feingold recalls of the shoot for Star Hits magazine. “She was completely in control of everything. She knew how she wanted to look, how to move, and how she would look from every angle. We barely spoke. She just danced and I shot – about 48 frames. We didn’t talk about anything. I had a bowl of candy in the room and she just took some bubblegum and then picked up a lollipop and licked it. After about 15 minutes, we knew we’d both got what we wanted and she left.”

Brian Aris was asked to photograph the young singer two years later, in London.

“Madonna arrived on time but with a large entourage – and there was a spat at the end when one young man tried to collect a number of my Polaroid pictures,” he said. “Madonna didn’t conform to the normal pop profile of the period. She didn’t want over-made-up styling. Compared to the big hair and extraordinary make-up used by stars like Boy George and Eurythmics, her look was pretty subdued. She had serious attitude and knew exactly what she wanted, but there were no tears or tantrums. Madonna had great sex appeal and a unique look. She always confronts and challenges the camera.”

Daily Mail

Louise Gannon on interviewing Madonna

Dress to impress, have a joke up your sleeve and flout rule number one – NEVER mention her age! – at your peril… Event’s Louise Gannon recalls her SEVEN bruising bouts with pop’s punchiest star

A decade ago I sat in a holding suite in the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills awaiting an audience with Madonna.

It was a matter of weeks ahead of her 50th birthday and the beginning of her eighth concert tour (Sweet & Sticky) to promote her 11th studio album, Hard Candy. Eight writers had been hand-selected from the biggest territories all over the world. There was tension in the room – there always is with Madonna – because there was one rule she was insisting every journalist follow: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN YOU ASK HER ABOUT TURNING 50.

I was the last person to speak to her that day. The journalist before me, a nervous Italian, was led out of her interview room after less than 15 minutes and looking close to tears. He had not asked the forbidden question; he’d done something far worse. He had bored her with tedious queries and then sat in terrified silence, flipping back and forward through his notebook as she demanded: ‘Ask me something interesting.’ He was struck dumb so she waved her hand for him to be removed.

She was wearing a black leather jacket, black trousers and a scowl when I walked in. On a previous occasion she had told me she enjoys being in ‘bitch mode’. I was prepared. She complimented me on my outfit (I was wearing gold sandals from her 2007 H&M collection because I’d interviewed her six times before and know she takes in every tiny detail) and I grinned. ‘We’ve been told not to ask you about turning 50,’ I said. ‘But you’re a feminist, you’re a trailblazer and women want to know how you are going to handle 50.’ read more →

Madonna’s Former Beverly Hills House on Sale for $35 Million

This Beverly Hills mansion is the answer to your real estate prayers! Listed for $35 million with Mauricio Umansky — husband of RHOBH’s Kyle Richards — the stunning French country estate was once home to pop icon Madonna. “With glamorous grounds that include a beautiful resort-inspired pool and tennis court, you can really envision one of the world’s most iconic songstresses soaking up the quintessential California lifestyle during the time she lived on property,” Umansky exclusively tells People.

9425 Sunset Blvd | Beverly Hills

Madonna's LA House read more →

Madonna Skin Care - MDNA Skin

Patrick Leonard to release re-imagined versions of Madonna’s classics

Madonna’s longtime Producer Patrick Leonard launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the release of his new album “Bring The Circus Home”:

Longtime Madonna collaborator’s new album will feature re-imagined versions of their most famous songs, from “Live to Tell” to “Frozen.

Madonna News (June 06 2018)

As a songwriter and producer, I’ve been very blessed in my life to work with some truly incredible artists, including Leonard Cohen, Elton John, Roger Waters, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Jewel, and many others. I’m proud to say that I’ve written eight “Number One” songs, more than twenty “Top Twenty-Five” singles, and have sold over 170 million albums worldwide. I had so much fun as the musical director and keyboardist for the Jackson 5 Victory Tour, as well as Madonna’s Virgin Tour and Who’s That Girl World Tour. Looking back on my career, however, there’s no doubt that Madonna stands out among the rest. Who would have known that when we wrote “Live to Tell” at my home studio in 1985 it would be the first of so many life-changing moments we shared together.

When not creating music, I love to fly fish, play chess, watch old movies, create projects with my three beautiful, artistic children, and hang out with my wonderful girlfriend and my beloved dog, Jane. I also have a deep love for teaching and have recently begun writing a memoir that I’m hoping to share with you all one day soon.

Bring the Circus Home is a celebration of my decades-long collaboration with Madonna that will feature entirely original, reimagined versions of many of the most famous songs we wrote together, including: “Live to Tell,” “La Isla Bonita,” “Dear Jessie,” “Oh Father” (my personal favorite), “Hanky Panky,” and “Frozen.” The album will also include a new song, the title track, “Bring the Circus Home,” plus a few more surprises thrown in for good measure. ;)

A labor of love for the incredible fans who’ve always meant so much to me, I feel it’s time to revisit these songs, both as they were originally conceived and as how I hear them now. Contributors will have an “all access pass” to the creative process, via frequent check-ins, live studio streams, Q&A sessions, and more. I’m also thrilled that many of the other incredible musicians who contributed to my work with Madonna, including engineer Michael Verdick, bassist Guy Pratt, guitarist Bruce Gaitsch, and more, will also be lending their talents to Bring the Circus Home.

Once the album is finished, I can’t wait to take the show on the road, and plan to embark on a fan-friendly tour that blends stories and songs (dates and locations TBA). More at Kickstarter

Madonna Producer Reggie Lucas dies at 65

Reggie Lucas, the Grammy-winning musician who played with Miles Davis in the 1970s and produced the bulk of Madonna’s debut album, has died. He was 65.

The performer’s daughter, Lisa Lucas, told The Associated Press that her father died from complications with his heart early Saturday (May 19) in New York City.

“After a long and arduous struggle with his physical heart (his emotional one was perfect) he was called home. I wish he’d had more time, I wish we’d all had more time with him, but he left this world absolutely covered in love, with his hands held and his family beside him. I’m glad he’s at peace now,” Lisa Lucas wrote on her Facebook page.

Reggie Lucas

Lucas was born on Feb. 25, 1953 in the Queens borough of New York City. After playing with Davis in the ’70s, Lucas began a musical partnership with percussionist James Mtume. Together they wrote hits like Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway’s “The Closer I Get to You” — later covered by Beyonce and Luther Vandross — and Stephanie Mills’ “Never Knew Love Like This Before,” which won the duo the Grammy for best R&B song.

Lucas went on to produce the majority of Madonna’s 1983 self-titled debut album, which sold more than 5 million units and included the hits “Borderline” and “Lucky Star.”

In addition to his daughter, Lucas is survived by his wife Leslie Lucas; his son Julian Lucas; his mother Annie Wolinsky; and his brother Greg Lucas.


Madonna’s “Body Of Evidence” to get a Blu-Ray release! [Updated]

Shout Factory has announced that they will release “Body Of Evidence” on Blu-Ray on June 12th in the United States.

Body of Evidence is Madonna’s famous erotic thriller from 1993, directed by Uli Edel (Last Exit to Brooklyn, Christiane F) and co-starring Willem Dafoe, Anne Archer, Julianne Moore, and Joe Mantegna.

This will be a Region A locked single disc edition with unrated cut of the movie in 1.85:1 aspect ratio, with English subtitles.

Retail price will be $27.99. pre-order is now available!

May 15 Update:

Special Features and Technical Specs
Unrated Version of the film (HD)
R-Rated Version of the film (Standard Definition)
Love Or Murder – Featurette
Still Gallery
Theatrical Trailer
Optional English subtitles for the main feature

Madonna in Body Of Evidence