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“Ray Of Light” 20th Anniversary Articles (Updated)

Madonna Ray Of Light

As Madonna’s “Ray of Light” album is turning 20, various magazines and news outlets are publishing articles about it:

Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ turns 20: A track-by-track review Matthew Barton looks back at one of the Queen of Pop most career-defining records. Attitude

Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ at 20 Her Collaborators Look Back on the Electronic Pop Milestone Billboard

Revisiting Ray of Light, Madonna’s most forward-thinking album, 20 years on The singer’s seventh album was the ultimate riposte to ageism and sexism in pop Dazed & Confused

20 Years Later, ‘Ray of Light’ Is Still Madonna’s Most Shocking Reinvention Glamour *

Ray of Light: Madonna’s lesson in maturity or gateway for Goop? Still 20 years on, Madge’s earth mother opus that influenced Adele and Britney, is still the template for modern pop The Guardian

Madonna’s Ray of Light 20 years on: still the peak of empowered pop The Guardian

What Gianni Versace’s Death Tells Us About Madonna’s ‘Ray Of Light’ Renaissance The singer was recording the album when Donatella Versace called to say her brother had just been murdered. The rest is 20-year-old history. Huffington Post

Madonna’s Ray of Light predicted our obsession with celebrity 20 years on, we’re even worse. i-D

Madonna’s ‘Ray Of Light’ Defined Pop Perfection 20 Years Ago, But Became A Curse For Singer Madonna’s most loved album has held her back. Inquisitr

8 reasons why Ray Of Light remains Madonna’s best album It’s the album which ensured the reigning Queen of Pop would stay on her throne for at least another decade. Metro *

The Quest for Truth, the Maintenance of Career: Ray of Light at 20 Jezebel / The Muse

Ranking All The Tracks On Madonna’s “Ray Of Light” In honor of the seminal album turning 20, Madonna expert Matthew Rettenmund gave us his official countdown of its best tracks. New Now Next

William Orbit reflects on Madonna’s Ray Of Light: “It broke all the rules” The Ray Of Light producer reflects on what is considered by many as Madonna’s best and most adventurous album. Official Charts

To The Heart Of The Nightmare – Madonna’s Ray Of Light 20 Years On Lucy O’Brien posits that, in the tradition of the 1970s-style concept album, Ray Of Light is Madonna’s Dark Side Of The Moon The Quietus

“Twenty Years Ago, Madonna Was Reborn in a ‘Ray of Light’” The pop icon’s stunning turn to electronic music showed a spiritual side we’d never seen before and was the last time we learned about her interior life… The Ringer

Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ at 20: Celebrating Her Psychedelic Masterwork Inspired by motherhood and yoga, the icon reinvented herself on her most passionate album to date Rolling Stone *

Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’: 6 Things You Didn’t Know Collaborators look back at the pop icon’s pivotal 1998 LP Rolling Stone

Interview: Patrick Leonard Slant

Ray Of Light Turns 20 Stereogum *

* updates

Photo: Madonna with Jeezy

US rapper Jeezy posted a photo with Madonna on his Instagram:

“Born Legends 🖤 @madonna #TrustYaProcess”

Madonna with Jeezy

Madonna’s Instagram Feed: February 2018

  • Where the only place a 👑. can hide is in the bathroom! 😂🚽🚰 💙🙏🏻 #privacy @andylecompte @visionaaron #mdnaskin

    Madonna's Instagram

    Drawing of 👑 Ester. by @osgemeos #art #expression #purim #brazil. #love 💚🇧🇷

    Madonna's Instagram

    Quote from 👑 Queen Elizabeth The 1st. ♥️
    I have. the heart of a man. Not of a woman. And I am not afraid of anything. 🙏🏻 yasssss Queen. #baller #badbitch #historicalbitch #nofear. #timesupnow🖤 art by @mae_couture 🔥

    Madonna's Instagram

    Instagram Story

    Madonna's Instagram Madonna via Instagram, on February 28 2018
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Madonna complains to Guy Oseary over ‘Songwriting Camps’

Madonna appeared to criticize the way pop music is made on an Instagram post where her manager paid tribute to her 1998 album Ray of Light.

Guy Oseary posted a video of them together during an MTV interview with the caption: “20 year anniversary of @madonna RAY OF LIGHT album… one of the greatest albums of all time… It was the first @Madonna album I worked on..

“You can see from this video the kind of relationship we had then… NOTHING has changed.. if you filmed us today, it would be the same dynamic..

“Love this woman,” he added. “Love this album. One day she will hopefully do a tour for this album.. it deserves to be performed from start to finish… respect to @williamorbit for his brilliant work on this album.”

Madonna responded in the comments: “Can you help me now please!! Remember when i [sic] made records with other artists from beginning to end and I was allowed to be a visionary and not have to go to songwriting camps where no one can sit still for more than 15 minutes.”

Rather cryptically she then added five flame emojis and wrote: “Coming soon.”

Madonna’s seventh studio album Ray of Light was released after the birth of her first child. Some feared this would, somehow, impact the music in a negative way. Of course not. Ray of Light became the best-selling studio album of Madonna’s career, proving once again her mastery over instinctive, brilliant pop music.


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Iconic Madonna prints signed by Dave Hogan are up for an auction

Photographer to the stars, Dave Hogan is auctioning off a selected number of prints to celebrate his 40 years in the industry.

Among the prints are 3 classic photos of Madonna: one from The 1985 Virgin Tour (NYC), one from her 1990 Blond Ambition Tour (Wembley, London) and the famous photo of Madonna & Britney kiss at the MTV Video Music Awards.

They are all signed by Dave Hogan.

The exhibition is running on eBay since Sunday (18th February 2018) and closes on 28th February 2018.

Money raised will be split between the three charities: Cancer Research UK, Teenage Cancer Trust and The Haven + London.

The complete listing can be viewed here, for more details on Madonna photos, click on the images bellow:

Madonna by Dave Hogan

Madonna by Dave Hogan

Madonna by Dave Hogan

Madonna’s “Ray of Light” on Pitchfork’s The 50 Best Albums of 1998 List

19 – Madonna – Ray of Light

At the end of “Drowned World/Substitute for Love,” the meditative opening track of Ray of Light, Madonna utters some of the most powerful words a woman can declare: “I’ve changed my mind.” She had spent the early ’90s pushing the envelope on sexual taboos before cooling off with the tasteful R&B album Bedtime Stories, returning four years later as a new mother on the brink of 40, spiritual and self-actualized. It was one of the most shocking things Madonna could have done.

Madonna's Ray of Light on Pitchfork's The 50 Best Albums of 1998 List

Though Ray of Light took pop soul-searching to new heights, the album’s palette of understated techno and electronica furthered Madonna’s longtime M.O.: From the start of her career, she had been attuned to the undercurrents of club music, finding ways to incorporate trending subgenres into mainstream pop (for better or worse). With the help of under-the-radar electronic producer William Orbit, Madonna steered clear of new age clichés (with the exception of the Sanskrit yoga chants on “Shanti/Ashtangi”) and made a record that still sounds stylish and forward-thinking. The title track wasn’t just one of Madonna’s best singles to date, but also a hedonistic cheat-sheet for clean-living, self-helping ravers to come. As for the darker end of introspection, Madonna offered up a handful of striking songs about the complicated nature of motherhood in “Frozen” and “Nothing Really Matters.” She never lets listeners forget that she’s seen it all, but it doesn’t mean she still can’t be stunned and humbled by life itself. –Jillian Mapes

Listen: Madonna, “Nothing Really Matters”

Pitchfork’s The 50 Best Albums of 1998