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Church dumped for Madonna concert

Pop superstar Madonna will hold her first-ever concert in Portugal after a row with a local evangelical church which had forced its cancellation was resolved, concert promoters said yesterday.
The top-selling singer of Into the Groove , Like a Prayer and Take A Bow was originally scheduled to bring her ReInvention concert tour to the Atlantic Pavilion in Lisbon on September 12, according to concert promoters Tournee who had booked the space for September 9-13.
But after the concert had been announced, the Lisbon-based Mana Christian Church said it had already booked the grounds for September 8-11 to hold a “Convention of Faith.”
The church said it had reserved the grounds in February and it refused to change the booking or the location of its event despite pleas from fans and an offer of a 25,000 euro ($A42,900) donation from Tournee.
Jorge Tadeu, a self-proclaimed apostle and founder of the church, told daily tabloid Correio da Manha last month he was “revolted” by those who “want to exchange Jesus for Madonna”.
“In our understanding God is moving the Christian church to defeat Goliath,” he added.
“We feel the pressure from Madonna is not restricted to the Mana church, but is part of a wider battle between the devil and Christ.”
Portuguese media reported earlier this month that after weeks of wrangling between the two sides the concert was called off.
But today a different concert promoter, Musica no Coracao, said it had arranged for the concert to take place at the same venue on September 13.
Tickets will go on sale across the country on Thursday, it said.
The new date for the concert has been added to the singer’s official website.
Madonna kicked off her latest world tour, her first in three years, in May in Los Angeles.
Her return to the concert stage has received mixed reviews, with some suggesting the 45-year-old mother of two had erred by trading in her trademark sexuality for a new-found spirituality.
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Madonna: One show, Twenty years

“Nobody knows me,” Madonna sings on her latest CD, the second song she’ll perform during her four-night stop in South Florida on her successful Re-Invention Tour.
Nobody Knows Me. And she’s puzzled by this? It’s amazing even Madonna can keep track of all the personas she has inhabited.
Eighties Material Girl in thrift-shop couture. A lipstick lesbian named Dita. Evita. Mama Madonna. Faux English aristocrat. Suburban Jewish mother named . . . Esther.
It’s not an official she’s-got-it-on-her-driver’s-license name, naturally. But, as an outspoken follower of the Jewish mystical teachings known as Kabbalah, Madonna reportedly identifies with Esther, the biblical woman who saved the Jews from annihilation.
Madonna may be Esther to her fellow Kabbalists, but she’s not foolish enough to risk career annihilation by changing the brand name you’ll see at tonight and Thursday’s two-hour career retrospective concerts at Sunrise’s Office Depot Center, or the two AmericanAirlines Arena shows Sunday and Monday nights in Miami.
The stub reads ”Madonna,” and the show celebrates what that iconic name has meant for 20 years by dusting off many of Madonna’s greatest hits.
Since Madonna is in the mood to look back, we can’t resist doing the same. Spoiler alert: We’re going to reveal which hits from each period Madonna plans to perform this week.
The Material Girl. Teased dirty blond hair, Boy Toy belt buckle, midriff-baring top revealing a soft-bellied, pre-yoga Madonna, exposed bra straps. The image that cemented her arrival was that white wedding dress she wore while writhing on the stage and chirping Like a Virgin on MTV’s inaugural Video Music Awards program in 1984.
Songs you’ll hear: Burning Up, Holiday, Material Girl, Crazy for You, Into the Groove.
Platinum blond. Madonna as Marilyn Monroe. When she ditched husband Sean Penn, she even took up with John F. Kennedy Jr. for a brief fling.
Song: Papa Don’t Preach.
The brunet artiste. For 1989’s Like a Prayer, a dark-haired Madonna went deeper, focusing on family, her failed marriage, social issues and the loss of her mother.
Songs: Like a Prayer, Express Yourself.
The provacateur. Remember the Sex coffee-table book filled with naked pictures of Madonna cavorting as Dita, a lusty ambisexual on the prowl?
Songs: Vogue, Hanky Panky, Deeper and Deeper.
Saint Evita. Following Sex, Madonna finally landed the movie role she was born to play: Evita Peron. She was hiding a secret, however. Madonna was pregnant with her first child during filming. The birth would have Madonna in mommy mode, claiming she was more spiritual and less selfish. So how does this explain those $300 concert tickets?
Songs: Lament (from Evita), Frozen.
Country girl. The cover of her 2000 technopop CD, Music, featured Madonna in a designer cowboy hat. On the Drowned World Tour, she rode a mechanical bull. When not in cowgirl clothes, she was donning geisha outfits.
Songs: Music, Don’t Tell Me.
Military Girl. Madonna as an antiwar, anti-Bush activist in army fatigues.
Songs: Die Another Day, American Life, Hollywood, Nobody Knows Me, John Lennon’s Imagine.

Madonna consults birth signs before recruitment!

Pop diva Madonna leaned heavily on astrology to help her select members of her troupe for her Reinvention tour.
According to The Mirror, the “Material Girl” was studying star signs rather than CVs before she hired people.
“She wanted to know our birth signs. She wanted to know which of us were compatible with her sign. After all, we were going to spend many months with her touring the world,” Reshma Gajjar, a member of the cast, was quoted as saying.
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Madonna moves her daughter towards charity!

Madonna’s seven-year-old daughter, Lourdes, made her first charity appearance at a children’s hospital in France.
According to The Sun, Lourdes visited the hospital and read aloud from her mother’s best selling book “The English Roses”. Children were later handed out free copies of the book.
“She was great. She’s a fabulous reader. There were a lot of people there but not a huge entourage for Lourdes. We gave her a present – a bravery bead necklace that we give to children undergoing treatment. She loved it and put it right on,” an onlooker was quoted as saying.
source : ANI

Madonna as Executive Producer ?

Madonna is credited as producer/executive producer of five new movies :
– 30 Days Until I’m Famous [2004, TV],
– Chasing Fate [2005],
– Hello Sucker! [2005, she’s also acting in this one],
– She Rocks [2005] and
– This Is America [2005]
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Lisbon on sale date change

The on sale dates for the show in Lisbon on September 13th at Pavhilao Atlantico have changed. The public on sale is now Thursday, July 29th, 10am (local) and the Fan Club Pre-sale is now Tuesday, July 27th, 5pm local (noon EST) through Wednesday, July 28th, 5pm local (noon EST)
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Madonna & Olympic Games !?

Madonna could sing at the closing ceremonies of Athens 2004 Summer Games as she will be in Greece for the Olympics at the time, for some vacation time in between her tour.
We remind you that this is only a rumour and that there’s no real evidence as of today that Madonna could be actually in Greece at the end of her US Tour, and on 29 of August, last day for the Olympic games Madonna will be at Slane Castle!!!!
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Madonna seeks new name for Guy

Kabbalah devotee Madonna is busy reviewing potential Hebrew names for husband Guy Ritchie.
The Like a Virgin singer recently changed her name to Esther as part of her conversion to the mystical offshoot of Judaism, and wants Ritchie to follow her lead.
An insider says, “Madonna wants Guy to convert religiously as much as she has. It doesn’t make sense if she’s fully involved and her family isn’t.”
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Madonna Plots ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ Follow-Up

Neil Sean of Sky News is reporting that Madonna is secretly planning to make a follow-up to her hit ’84 movie ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’, which she’ll produce and make a small cameo in. Look for the Material Girl to write a soundtrack for the flick, which should begin shooting next year, as well.
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Madonna Slane gig security headache for locals

Hundreds of Slane residents will have to apply for police passes to get around the village when music superstar Madonna comes to visit next month.
The Garda have announced there will be checkpoints all around the quiet Co Meath village on the day before the huge concert on Sunday, August 29, and only those residents with passes will be allowed through.
Garda chief Michael Flanagan also warned Madonna fans that there is no need or reason to travel early as all the local accommodation has been fully booked, there are no camping facilities available and “there will be nothing for them to do in Slane and we would ask them not to come near it”.
The massive gig at Slane Castle is the first to be held on a Sunday for over 20 years and while many residents of the villages signed a petition objecting to it, Meath County Council has given MCD Promotions a licence for it, albeit with some stringent conditions.
Although it is thought that the first act will not appear until late in the afternoon, the controversial queen of pop has to be off stage by no later than 10.30pm, with the 80,000 revellers out of the venue by midnight.
The council has also demanded that the promoters lodge an Event Management Plan no later than two weeks before the concert, a plan that must take account of the extra traffic, necessary toilet facilities and the impact on the local environment.
Another aspect which must be finalised with the Garda is the totally free movement of people who are attending Mass or other religious services on the Sunday morning.
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Madonna has a day out at the beach!

Pop diva Madonna was seen enjoying a day out at the beach, with her family, in Miami. The 46 year old mum of two who still has an enviable figure to flaunt looked ravishing in a bikini, with her husband Guy Ritchie, daughter Lourdes and son Rocco, besides her.
“Madonna was looking really pale but she was having a great time,” a source was quoted by The Sun as saying.
“Guy got them all laughing. He was brilliant with the kids,” he added.
source : ANI

Madonna’s roots ?

It turns out pop music queen Madonna may have some Acadian roots.
While the Material Girl probably isn’t singing French lullabies from Atlantic Canada to her children, it seems she can trace part of her ancestry back to Acadia, according to a New Brunswick genealogist.
“[Madonna] descends from the Fortin family, which is a Quebec family. Her mother was a Fortin,” said Stephen White, a genealogist with the University of Moncton’s Centre of Acadian Studies in New Brunswick.
From there, White can trace back six generations until he comes across a name that is familiar to the Acadian researcher.
“There was an article published in a Quebec periodical … where there was a mention of one of her Fortin ancestors having married an Orillon,” he said.
“The Orillon family is an Acadian family.”
Acadian heritage has been front and centre in the Maritimes this summer, as those with Acadian ancestry gather from around the world for the Acadian World Congress, a series of events celebrating the 400th anniversary of French settlement in the New World.
While White normally traces the history of everyday individuals, he said he understands people’s fascination with tracing the backgrounds of more famous folk.
“People are interested in knowing if they’re related to someone who’s known in one way or another,” he said.
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