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Madonna Loses Label

She might still be a Material Girl, but Madonna’s no longer a Maverick.
Ending a nasty legal battle over the future of her Maverick Records, Madonna and Warner Bros. have reached a deal that removes her from control of the label she cofounded 12 years ago.
Madonna and her partners, Guy Oseary and Ronnie Dashev, teamed up with Warners to form Maverick, essentially a vanity label for Madonna to play music mogul. Madonna, Oseary and Dashev controlled 60 percent, while Warners owned the remaining 40.
Despite some huge early success with Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill and a roster that now includes Michelle Branch, Maverick has struggled of late.
With the partnership deal due to expire this year, Madonna and her two pals reportedly tried to sell their stake in Maverick to Warner Bros. for $60 million. But those talks fell apart and in March Madonna & Co. filed a $200 million lawsuit accusing Warner Music and parent company Time Warner of breach of contract, gross mismanagement and creative accounting.
Warners in turn launched its own lawsuit against Madonna, Oseary and Dashev, claiming Maverick was a poorly run black hole sucking to the tune of $66 million in red ink since 1999. Warners said Madonna and her partners would have to cough up close to $100 million if they wanted sole control of Maverick.
Monday’s deal scotches the dueling lawsuits. Terms of the payouts were not disclosed, but reports say that Warners bought out Madonna for less than the $20 million she initially sought.
Under the new deal, Madonna will have no say in Maverick, but she will keep recording for Warner Bros., her home base since 1984. Warners also bought out the shares controlled by Dashev, who was Maverick’s chief operating officer. Oseary will keep his shares and stay aboard as the label’s A&R chief.
“This new joint venture agreement is clearly a win-win for both WMG and Maverick,” Warner Music boss Lyor Cohen said in a statement.
In the same press release, Oseary thanked Madonna and Dashev and said he welcomed “the new independent spirit at Warner Music.” (The label was acquired in November by an investor group led by Edgar Bronfman Jr.)
There was no immediate comment from Madonna, who is in the midst of her re-Invention Tour in support of her underwhelming latest disc, American Life.
Even without Maverick to worry about, Madonna still has plenty of extracurricular activities to amuse her. Aside from the touring, recording and child-rearing, she is getting ready to publish her next two Kabbalah-flavored kiddie books, Yakov and the Seven Thieves, due out next week, and The Adventures of Abdi, slated for release Nov. 8.
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Irish fans prepare for first-ever Madonna visit at Slane Castle

THE wait was officially over for Madonna fans today as the queen of pop’s first-ever Irish concert was officially confirmed.
The Material Girl is to stage her much-anticipated concert at Slane Castle in Co Meath on Sunday, August 29.
There had been much speculation that Madonna would bring her re-Invention World Tour to these shores.
Although it was widely known that she was being lined up for the gig, promoters MCD/Wonderland refused to confirm it.
However, a spokesman said the tour would now go ahead, subject to license.
He said it was common for tickets to go on sale prior to a final decision being made on licensing.
Tickets for the concert go on sale this Friday morning, priced 88.50 euro.
Madonna’s re-Invention tour has won critical acclaim so far, with her sold-out debut being described by the New York Times as “dense, dizzying and exhilarating”.
The multi-Grammy Award winner is one of the biggest pop stars in the world – and one of the most controversial, provoking fury from the Catholic Church with her sexually explicit stage shows and videos.
In her two-decade career she has sold over 250 million albums and had more top ten singles than any other female artist in history.
Hits have included, Like A Virgin, Material Girl, Like A Prayer, Erotic, Vogue, Frozen and American Life.
In addition to her music, the star has also acted in movies like Evita and Desperately Seeking Susan and has published an adult sex book and children’s book.
Other acts for the Slane concert have yet to be announced.
Tickets go on sale at 8am and are limited to six per person.
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Madonna and Gwyneth’s Kabbalah Fight

Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna have allegedly had an argument after the actress refused to join the trendy Kabbalah religion.
Sources claim mother-of-two Madonna called Gwyneth as soon as she gave birth to baby Apple, insisting she join the Jewish faith, popular with the Hollywood jet-set.
But, according to Britain’s News of the World newspaper, the blonde beauty and her Coldplay husband, Chris Martin, refused Madonna’s plea.
A friend revealed to the paper: “Madonna barely congratulated Gwyneth on Apple before she was going on and on about Kabbalah. She said that now Gwyneth was a mom, the time was right for her to join. But Gwyneth just doesn’t want to get involved and told her that in no uncertain terms.”
Madonna has successfully converted a host of celebrities, including Britney Spears and Demi Moore, to the mystic Jewish faith.
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Madonna – the best dressed woman

After reigning over the hearts of millions for quite some time, pop queen Madonna, has added another feather to her cap.
The 45-year-old mom of two has been voted the best dressed woman by the Good Housekeeping magazine.
The homemaker’s bible declared Madonna the leading fashion icon for women over 40. “The great thing about Madonna is that she constantly looks good and constantly reinvents herself and sets trends,” editor Lindsay Nicholson is quoted as saying by ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ star Joanna Lumley was highly commended while fellow actors Helen Mirren and Judi Dench and model Jerry Hall were on the short list. Hall’s one-time partner, crooner Bryan Ferry, was named Britain’s best-dressed man, relegating soccer star David Beckham to second place. Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, the austere hosts of the television series What Not To Wear reproduced for an Australian audience recently by Channel 7 – were judged worst-dressed women.
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Madonna’s Collapse Part I

Madonna has left many of her fans worried after recently collapsing at the end of one of her performances in Anaheim, California.
“She had just said thank you to the crowd and was coming off stage when she took a dive,” a backstage aide told The Sun.
The 45-year-old mother of two has a lot on her plate with a current North American tour, a role as a gunslinging 1920s movie star in an upcoming Martin Scorsese film, and a third children’s book in the works. However, Madonna’s spokesperson reassured fans that all is well by downplaying the incident, saying:,”Madonna didn’t faint, but she was certainly suffering from exhaustion.”
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Madonna’s Collapse Part II

The singer reportedly collapsed and had to be looked after by her aides after a gruelling two-hour performance in Anaheim, California.
An onlooker is quoted by MSNBC as saying: “After she thanked the crowd, she fainted backstage in full sight of those sitting way above the stage.” A backstage worker is quoted by Britain’s The Sun newspaper as revealing: “She claims she’s OK but there are real fears she is over-working. She is pushing herself really hard – and she’s not been sleeping well. She’s very fit but she’s not as young as she used to be.” The mother-of-two’s personal doctor has now been ordered to accompany her during the rest of her ‘re-Invention’ tour and her nutritionist has also revised her strict diet to ensure she is eating well-balanced and vitamin-packed meals.
The star’s spokeswoman played down any health worries but did admit Madonna is exhausted, saying: “Madonna didn’t faint but she was certainly suffering from exhaustion.”This is the second time Madonna has fallen ill during her world tour, which started last month in Los Angeles.
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Madonna to burn ‘Sexual Energy’ on stage !

Pop icon Madonna has joined Kabbalah enthusiasts Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher in introducing a line of Kabbalah candles.
Harry Slatkin, who is nominated for two ‘FiFi’ fragrance awards will produce the candles. The Kabbalah candles have exotic and interesting names like the ‘Evil Eye’ and ‘Sexual Energy’. According to The New York Daily News, Madonna will burn the candles on stage during her Madison Square Garden shows next week.
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Madonna Skin Care - MDNA Skin

New Book Announcement

Madonna’s third book for children, Yakov and the Seven Thieves, will be published June 21 by New York-based Callaway Arts & Entertainment.
Yakov and the Seven Thieves is among five children’s books planned by Madonna, each set in a different time and place.
By Frank Micelotta, Getty Images
Written for readers age 6 and up, Madonna describes the book as “a story about how all of us have the ability to unlock the gates of heaven no matter how unworthy we think we are. For when we go against our selfish natures, we make miracles happen, in our lives and in the lives of others.”
Yakov and the Seven Thieves is among five children’s books planned by the singer, each set in a different time and place. Her fourth book, The Adventures of Abdi, will be published on Nov. 8.
The announcement was made Monday by Nicholas Callaway, publisher and chief executive officer of Callaway Arts & Entertainment. The book will be distributed in the United States by the Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
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Madonna’s new movie !

Madonna will play the gunslinging 1920s movie star Texas Guinan in a new musical being produced by Martin Scorsese.
She will fill the leather chaps originally occupied by Courtney Love. The troubled rock star was cast as Guinan and even wrote a number of songs for the film before being dropped following her recent drug problems, according to the Sun.
The film, Hey Sucker!, takes its title from the infamous catchphrase which Guinan always delivered at the start of her baudy stage shows. The silent movie star was a legendary horseback rider who appeared in a wide range of Hollywood westerns and also became a prohibition-flouting nightclub hostess.
Madonna, who bought the rights to the film in 2001 through the movie arm of her production company Maverick, will co-produce with Scorsese. She will also take on Love’s songwriting duties.
It will be directed by Jeremy Scott, the music promo director who made Madonna’s high-profile anti-war video for her single American Life.
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